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Joinery is an art that requires attention to detailing. We use time-honored techniques to create masterful pieces in a variety of modern and traditional designs for commercial purposes. We challenge ourselves as handcrafted furniture designers to continually improve, innovate, and create wood furniture that is as functional and durable as it is beautiful.

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Partition Services for Office


Partions are a boon to offices. It gives the employees the space they need and provide personalized workspaces. It helps to give more privacy, reduce noise and help the employees to focus their attention. We provide with a wide array of options in different styles, colors and sizes.


Joinery And Fitout provides internal and external wall cladding for commercial and residential spaces as well. Wall cladding utilizes existing building walls. Cladding includes Metal Cladding, Wooden Cladding, Gypsum Cladding, GRC Dry Wall Cladding etc.

Cladding Services for Office
Painting Services for Office


Joinery and Fitout ensures that all your painting requirements are met. We offer painting services for offices with a variety of painting styles like textured walls, interior and exterior wall painting and a lot more.

Metal Fabrication

Joinery and Fitout offer metal fabrication which includes furniture, metal structures and fixtures in aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, mild steel, etc. Our engineers are well trained in providing steel fabricated products that have good finish, accuracy and optimum performance.

Metal Fabrication for Office
Electrical Works for Office

Electrical Works

We offer electrical services for commercial buildings and offices at affordable rates. Woodstruckme is your one stop solution for any electrical work. We have quality workmanship and testing of the completed works.


We offer handyman services of all kind from changing a light bulb to putting up your bookshelf. So when it comes to considering handyman services for your office in Dubai, leave it to Woodstruckme Joinery and Fitout.

Handyman Services for Office